Hi, I'm Alba.

I believe that with great design we can change the world for the better by making life more livable, enjoyable, and efficient for all people.

My passions include community development, sustainability, mentorship, and continuous learning.

Before I dove into the world of design, I worked in the fast paced non-profit and startup world with impact driven missions to help connect people by building relational bridges.

My experiences in event planning, communications, religious ministry, fundraising, and freelance design have honed my skills in customer/client experience, cross-functional communications, and project management. I'm excited to bring these skills to my work as a UX and Service Designer.

Get In Touch

I'd be happy to connect with you on future projects, openings on your team, or just to talk about design.

You can email me at alba.zhou@gmail.com or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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